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[24 May 2015|09:02pm]
I dont even know if anyone still uses livejournal to make friends like in the past anymore?
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Heres my list of likes and dislikes [23 Mar 2007|02:40pm]
Kawaii characters/design I love:
I only like Japanese brands.
-Nyan Nyan neko
-Smiling food
-Milk kun
-Memorial sky bear
-Natto chan
[**I dont really collect much kawaii things, more attention on punk stuff]

-Anything that is really punk
-Emily the strange
-Gloomy bear
-Gloomy ruby (dont know if the chracter if called this way)
-Vintage (something like Anna sui)
-Traditional Japanese design (only japanese)

Items I love:
-Wooden pencils
-Pencil case
-Plushie keychains
-Anything unique

-Tank tops
-Ear studs

Items/Design Dislike:
-Anything that I did not mention that I like-
I admit, Im a very particular person? lol :X
Its only when people send it to me without knowing what I like,
some items I still can accept if their nice.
For punk, I dislike those that are punk loli. (Which is a combination of
Lolita + Punk) I like pure punk stuff.

Items I dont really fancy:
-Memo sheets

Items I Dislike:

-Wristbands (cos many I bought rust easily =.=)

Punk Brands I like:
-Sexpot revenge
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This journal is only for friends only~ [23 Dec 2006|11:57am]

This journal is for friends only.. Sorry >.<
Leave a comment here if you want me to add you ^^

You can visit my shop at http://tsukitakarai.livejournal.com

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